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8 Reasons Why a Nanny is Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Let's face it, hiring a Nanny is a pricier option compared to other childcare options. But, the benefits really do speak for themselves! Here are the top reasons why hiring a Nanny is worth its weight in gold.

1.) Experienced Caregivers

Nannies are so much more than simply babysitters. Nannies have years of experience and education in childcare-related fields. Nannies believe in exceptional care for the children in their care. They believe in meeting the developmental needs of your kiddos- rather than simply getting through the day. Your Nanny will love your kiddo just as much as you do to ensure their overall wellbeing!

2.) Safety in the Home

The safety of your children is often listed as the number 1 concern when leaving your child with childcare professionals whether it be daycares, school settings, or drop-in settings. Having a Nanny in your home erases many “what if’s”. Having a Nanny in your home reduces exposure to illness and it is typical for Nannies to be in communication with parents throughout the day for check-ins. In addition, Nannies are certified in CPR/First Aid and often take courses on child safety.

3.) Long-Term Commitments

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a caregiver commit to you and your family for the long haul? It is typical for Nannies to stay at jobs for years when the fit is right. Having someone be a continual part of your family through all life’s changes will reduce stress and bring ease to all the seasons of life.

4.) Help With Housework

Picture this, it’s been one of those long, tiring days and you are racing home. It's time to enter back into family life and when you open the door to your home, the children are happy and fed, the kitchen is clean and the house looks tidy. How does this make you feel? Nannies often tend to do basic household tidying and will help you tackle basic chores that make a difference.

5.) 3rd (or 4th) Member of Your Parenting Team

We have all heard this saying and it's true, It takes a village. We all want the best for our children and we want our children to feel like they are supported in all aspects of their lives. Having a Nanny is like having an extension of yourself as a parent. They are there to show up and support your parenting needs and expectations while you are bringing home the bacon (or just taking some “me” time).

6.) Flexibility

You build your schedule and your Nanny will work with you! Are your kiddos sick? They got you. Have a meeting that is running late? They got you. Morning chaos? They got you. Need to slip out of the house for a few hours on Saturday? You guessed it, they got you! No more strict pickup times and drop-offs.

7.) Undivided Attention

Your children will get consistent one-on-one attention. There are so many benefits from having a caregiver's undivided attention, especially early in a child's life. Some benefits include secure attachment development, foundational relationship building, self-esteem building, instilling intrinsic worthiness and character building, cutting back on attention-seeking behavior, learning and building on their strengths, the list goes on and on.

8.) Consistency in Our Changing Times

Nannies are consistent in the changing times we find ourselves in today and can bring security to your family in our post-quarantine world. There is a big shift taking place in the childcare world from bigger group settings to more one-on-one settings. Nannies will be your constant even when things are changing around you.

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