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We have heard your requests and are thrilled to announce our NEW 

Babysitting Service

The same quality of our professional, quality Nanny matchmaking available for occasional care! Our affordable subscription-based service will allow you to request a fully vetted sitter whenever you need it from our roster of background-checked, trustworthy caregivers. Gone are the days of canceling plans because you can’t find someone to watch the kids, posting to Facebook in the hopes of finding a quality sitter in time, or dragging your kids along to things because no one was available. Rochester Poppins is here to help! Let’s start making your life easier. 

Ready to sign up? Click below!

Happy Twins


To bring safe, reliable, babysitting into the hands of our community. For many families, finding a trustworthy babysitter is daunting. All parents need reprieve, but it can be hard to schedule appointments, go on dates, or socialize when you’re never sure if you’ll have someone who can watch your kids. That's why we have created a new service to match families with quality babysitters who fit their needs! Now even families who don’t need a full-time Nanny can still utilize our roster of qualified, background-checked caregivers. Every family needs a village. Let’s build yours together!

Whats Included

  • Access to our app for easy use

  • Unlimited job requests

  • Our roster of highly qualified, fully vetted, trustworthy nannies

  • Peace of mind when you leave your kids in our care

  • Custom sitter match selections based on your family's needs

How Does It Work

  • Create your family profile in our app

  • Submit your request

  • One of our experienced, vetted nannies will accept the job and contact you

  • You pay the Nanny directly after services are complete

  • You'll receive a survey about your experience with the caregiver after


  • $29.95/Month             Annual Membership

  • $34.95/Month                      6-Month Membership

  • $39.95/Month                Month to Month, Cancel Anytime

  • $35 Non-Member          One-Time Placement Fee

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Early Access FAQ


When Does Early Access Start?

Early Access Starts December 19th. If you purchased your membership in our presale, you'll get an email letting you into the app prior to that date.


When is Full Launch?

Full Launch will be in January 2023, when the service will be available to the public!


What Does Early Access Include?

Early Access will have all the same features as full launch. We are just opening up to a limited number of families while we get started!


How do I Get Early Access?

The only way to get early access is to purchase a presale annual membership (you'll also get 2 months free!) If you missed the presale, don't worry. Our service will be open to everyone in January.

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