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Your trusted hometown Nanny Agency

Based in Rochester, Minnesota Rochester Poppins is your premier Nanny Matchmaking Agency. 

One thing is certain, in this ever-changing world; we could all use a little support sometimes. A reliable and trustworthy Nanny can bring peace of mind, security and energy into the lives of busy families. 

Rochester Poppins brings a refreshing approach to childcare that is current with the changing times and unique needs of today's parents. 

We match the skills and qualifications of only the top childcare workers with the needs and preferences of families seeking an in-home childcare provider.



A Nanny is a short-term investment in your sanity and your career, and as a long-term investment in your children's future and well-being.

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-Exceptional care for children, meeting their developmental needs rather than simply getting through the day

-Integrity every step of the day 

-Strategy, comprehensive measures and positive insight in the match-making process

-Retention and long-term matches, whenever possible

-Empowering Nannies and families to uphold industry standards, creating sustainable and fulfilling opportunities

-Opportunities for Grandnannies, Mannies, and everyone in-between

-Parents feeling fully supported to take their place at the table in the workplace knowing home is in great hands

-Opportunity for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and all intersections and expressions throughout community and families/organizations who need it

-Safety of children, families, and Nannies in all placements

-Giving back to local community members and organizations in need 


"Working with Karine is a no-brainer. She is guided by a natural affinity for helping people, a strong organizational skillset, and a gift of seeing people fully. Whatever she does, she does it with integrity, and with her full heart. I have seen Karine excel in many capacities, and know her to be a woman of her word. I cannot recommend Karine’s work enough!" --Mother of 1


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat: 10am-Noon
*after hour booking are not guarenteed

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